I’m Kyle Chamberlain. My business is land care. As a versatile independent contractor and consultant, I take on on projects involving forestry, fire mitigation, rangeland management, horticulture, agroforestry, habitat restoration, and farm sustainability. My mission is to help Inland Northwest land-owners and stewardship organizations achieve their goals in enhancing the the health and productivity of the land.

For animal-based vegetation management, see Goat Grazing Services with Chris.

Forest Tax Plans
I help Washington State land owners meet the requirements for keeping their land in “forest land” tax designation, by writing forest plans.

Forest Management
I take a limited on limited number of forest health projects each year (doing my own chainsaw labor). This has included DNR cost-share projects, pre-commerical tree thinning, fuels reduction, slash disposal, commercial harvest planning/layout, ext.

I’m particularly interested foresry project integrating the following:
-Treed pasture management (silvopasture)
-The restoration of productive wildlife habitats such as meadows, wetlands, and apen parklands
-Forestry for non-timber products

Land Use Consulting
As a naturalist, botanist, and ecological agrarian, I can help land owners make decisions about farm and forest management. I offer botanical surveys, wetland delineation, pasture management,  agroforestry development, wildlife habitat consulting, farm design, crop and forage recommendations, ext.

Farm Services and Property Management
I the winter, I specialize in orchard pruning and old fruit tree restoration. I’m also available for tree planting, pasture and rangeland work, fencing for planned grazing and stream protection

Other Work
Outdoor education and writing are also part of my background. I’m passionate about wild food and  lead in-depth wild food experiences. I’m expanding my plant propagation and wild germplasm collection endeavors.